Teenager Bedroom Idea: Choosing paint color

A teenager’s only room for solace is their bedroom. Guide your teenager on how to choose paint color to transform their room for their individual style and needs. A common Feng Shui cure for the bedroom is to change the color on the walls.

Paint Color

Before choosing the paint color of a teenagers bedroom walls, the teenager needs to decide the mood of their bedroom. Do they want it to be bright and cheery for creative projects or soft with low lighting as a sleep haven? They must also consider the multitude of tasks that are performed between those four walls. Wall colors should be neutral and accented with bold prints and designs for different areas of the room.

Soft and gentle green and blue colors are great for a room as they represent peace and are soothing to the eyes. They are good colors for a peaceful night sleep, which is the most important job of the bedroom. Too many teenagers are sleep deprived and often their rooms are full of distractions and noises that are unsettling on the body. Other color choices: beige, tan, pastel yellow, peach.

Choosing a bedroom color for the walls and accents can be a daunting task because of the selection available. It is important for the teenager to be given limited choices on the boldness on the walls, as the bright colors such as red can cause sleep disturbances. Inform your teenager of the paint options allowed and permit them to have decorating freedom with the accents within reason.

Check out the local hardware store for the diverse paint color swatches offered. Grab several paint color swatches and tape them to the teenager’s bedroom wall. Each day and night the teenager will assess the different choices consciously and subconsciously. After a few weeks, the teenager should have decided on his paint color choice.

Color Principle

Color is an element often overlooked. Our clothes, the colors of our school books even the color of our hair are all making subconscious statements. As we walk down the hall in a beautiful tan outfit we are often overlooked, but walk down the school hall with a cherry red top, people look because of the boldness and strength of the color. Be careful with over using a color, as each color has positive and negative qualities.

Linens and Accessories

Linens for the bed are important. Choose soft colors for the bed sheets and something bold for the bedspread. A teenager does a great deal of homework on their beds, colors of yellow and orange are good colors for the bedspread as they spark creativity and keep the mind focused.

A teenager wants bold colors on the walls, compromise with bold floor pillows and bed pillows. Have outrageous colors that bring the specific color energies to life. Orange is a great color to sit on when doing your creative work.

Decorative touches are key elements for the success of a teenager bedroom. The teenager places their friends in colorful frames. Pink is a great frame for their boyfriend to be displayed in or a picture of them as a couple. Pink is a color of love. Light bulbs can make a mood. Use green lights to soften the room when relaxing and listen to music. Yellow/white bulbs are ideal for small desk lamps to illuminate the work area.

Be creative with the decorative touches and ask the question: What is this object saying by their design and color?