Romantic Master Bedroom: How to Create Romance with Decor

Decorating a house can be fun. The couple who just bought the house imagine the furniture in the living room and color on the kitchen walls. However, the most important room to a couple should be a romantic master bedroom.Many times this room is the last to be decorated and often neglected.

It’s less distracting to sleep if the master bedroom is calm, clean and put together. It also helps in the romance department if the room is a little getaway from everyday life.

Colors, Clutter and Candles

Choose calm colors for the room. Blues, greens and tans are colors that soothe the eyes and mind and are very easy to compliment with colors on bedspreads and accessories. If the walls are blue, a brown bedspread looks nice. Tan walls give a clean slate as almost any color coordinates with tan.

Do not put too many things on the walls or shelves. A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind. Keep the decorations simple with only a few pictures on the walls or a few floating shelves with only one vase on each of them. Display knick-knacks in a spare room or somewhere else but retain a few sentimental items that flow with the new romantic area. Try to eliminate pictures of family members in the bedroom as well.

Don’t underestimate the candle factor. Candles are romantic because they elicit the feeling of warmth and sensuality. Romance comes in two forms with candles; appearance and scent. A few candles with rose petals melted into them or a candle in a small, crystal bowl surrounded by rose petals is a great way to see the romance. The way a candle smells in a great way to smell the romance.

Scent expert Dolores M. Vinci talks about decorating with scent. “The combination of flickering light and pleasing scent will give any room a relaxed, mellow mood,” Vinci says. A website boasting to be “the #1 site for staying in love” polled 250 people on what they think the most romantic scent is. Vanilla won out as number one. So keep the candles pretty and the scent vanilla.

The Bed Factor and More

A comfortable bed is key, but a comfortable looking bed is also important to the romantic ambiance. A romantic bed is something the couple just can’t resist jumping into and being comfortable. Down comforters, or even down alternative, are extremely fluffy and just beg to be laid on. They are more of a winter blanket but in the hotter months they look just as nice folded at the end of the bed with crisp bright sheets underneath.

Curtains are also important to the feel of a room. Sheer curtains are great for the romantic theme. The color should correspond with the bed spread or compliment the color of the walls. For example, blue walls and a brown bedspread could have sheer white curtains. If the walls and bed spread are solid in color the curtains could have a pattern to them while pulling all the colors together.

Last but certainly not least is the topic of a television in the bedroom. There are studies stating that a television in the bedroom cuts a couple’s intimacy in half. However, many couples still have a television in their room. A good compromise would be putting the television in an armoire. The television is still in the bedroom but it’s not a focal point.